14Sep '15

Comox Valley Wedding

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It is an interesting time in the life of those close to me. It seems transitions are everywhere, inner shifts and big life steps. Beautiful ones. My friend Pagan brought great joy when she announced that her and Pete were ready to seal their love with marriage. Despite living in different countries, Pagan here in BC and Pete in Michigan, these two are a model of a supportive, kind, and romantic relationship. They work hard to create connections and memories through their regular visits and daily skype calls.
Their children, Pagan’s two boys, and Pete’s two girls, have blended more than seamlessly, falling not just for their new step-parent but also for their new siblings and grandparents.

On a Tuesday afternoon, with family and a few friends, and the incredible celebrant Barbara Densmore, Pagan and Pete met in the glowing marsh area off Lazo Road, in Comox, to gift each other some very personal and heartfelt vows. As tears flew (including my own) and smiles radiated, there was an incredible feeling of being blessed and connected.

The evening was spent at The White Whale, relaxing over snacks, beer and cake. It was a no pressure, welcoming, enjoy the day, type of wedding – no one discussed napkin folds, or itineraries, it was really about these two and their children, sharing and inspiring with their love.

Pete and Pagan, thank you for that gift of sharing your heart with all of us. I can still feel that beautiful, magical Tuesday afternoon. Pete, thank you for being there for my friend Pagan, for making her smile in a way that gives me goosebumps and ensuring she feels loved, heard and enjoyed. Pagan, thank you for sharing your journey, for being a rock-solid friend, for seeing things differently and reminding me that we set our own rules, for laughing with me easily through hard times and for trusting me to be part of this day. Love you.
















Celebrant: Barbara Densmore

Reception: The White Whale 

Hair: Ida Marie at Roots the Salon

Makeup: Kayla-Rae at Roots the Salon 

Dress: The Bride’s Closet 

Flowers: Purely Flowers