1Jun '15

Comox Valley Grad – Shea

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I have known of Shea for years through the dance community and always enjoyed watching her. She was talented, kind and had a wonderful laugh. Then, a few years ago something shifted and when she walked in a room you couldn’t not notice her, suddenly, she seemed radiant, and with that she was fierce.
To me, fierce isn’t tough, it’ a resilience mixed with vulnerability – that combo takes my breath away and this beautiful person has it. She is a strong friend, passionate about caring, a leader and an artist in many ways.

She smiles hard, and knows what she likes.

I like that.

Shae, you left our session and I felt inspired. You are a gift. As you go into your summer working at camp, and then go on to the next journey at university know that you will be unwillingly helping others, making them feel safe, and part of something. That is just something you do.

Congratulations on your graduation and thank you for including me, with my camera, in this milestone. Your family has continually gone out of their way to show kindness to me and we have shared many laughs and stories. I have watched the heart you all pour into each other, no wonder your poised to shine a light down your own path so very brightly.