25Mar '16

Sarah Seads – Comox Valley Fitness

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Sarah and I grew up together. Okay, well not really, but we grew our businesses, our passions together. We moved to the Comox Valley around the same time and started reaching out to other women in business. Since then, 15 years ago, we have stayed in touch –  as our business identity and lives change, we have always found our way back to connecting. Either through photography (Sarah is quite the rock star with the camera,) through fitness, (this woman finally made a runner out of me,) or knowing we could pick up the phone and call each other when we needed a professional pep talk or to receive some truthful feedback.  These relationships with women who are making their living engaging their passions are so important to me. Sometimes it is a lonely, scary road and you need to be cheered on. Other times you need to celebrate with someone who gets how much you really put your heart on the line and little wins, are big wins.

Sarah and I share the same lust for travel,  for beautiful light and for good times. We both ooze with excitement over small details and get super pumped going after our dreams.

I am pretty darn thankful to know and photograph this amazing woman.

Likely you already are aware of who she is professionally. A kinesiologist,who runs Equilibrium Lifestyle Management – she is rocking a new website that will have you excited about her running clinics, boot camps, private training, online coaching and travel adventures – right now she is coaching a group she will be leading to the Laugavegur Ultramarathon in Iceland.  I could write pages about what she does and who she is – but you really should check out her new website site.

My favorite aspect of her new site is how he enthusiasm comes across. I saw this quote on it, which pretty much sums her up.

“I envision each and every one of our clients reaching their bucket list dreams and goals. I know they are capable of more than they will ever realize and I want to see them succeed.” — Sarah Seads

Thanks for your friendship Sarah. I am looking forward to seeing how you integrate these new photos on your site, and even more, of course, to seeing where the next few years take us. <3