11Oct '16

Comox Valley Fitness Photographer – Marc St. Jules

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Working with a fitness professional always gets my blood going.  I adore co-creating with other creatives and to me a fitness professional falls under that category. They are always being inventive and they are typically full of passion. Marc St. Jules is just that and more. As well as being a trainer, Marc has created a series of fitness tools under the name St. Jules Method. While I have used these at other gyms and was familiar with Marc, creating these images was the first time Marc and I got to spend some time together. Marc loves to play with his limits, often pushing himself and refining diet to see where it can take him. But he isn’t all work and no play. His workout equipment has an element of play, and his lifestyle affords time for outdoor recreation and indulgences, he is a man who loves his coffee and good night out at Local’s.  When Marc offered to work with me and my fitness I couldn’t say no. I was needing to mix things up from my regular routine and this seemed the perfect fit. Last week I was able to hop on my bike and cruise down to his gym and was treated to some really interesting and effective workouts. After a month of slacking at the gym I was nervous, but Marc was encouraging and after asking many questions (we all know I love people who ask questions,) he was able to provide me with a workout that pushed me just the right amount out of my comfort zone. He has me super invigorated and more than back on track!

Here are just a few of my fave images: