3Nov '16

Comox Valley Fall Maternity Photos

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I am not from here. Although I have lived here 16 years now (gasp) I don’t have  connections locally to those from my school years and I sometimes yearn for those. . So when someone comes along from my past, and moves to the valley, I get a little awkwardly excited. Jen and I went to photo school together 20 years ago. It was a defining year. Not just because it set us on our career path but because it was months where were often stripped bare, as happens in arts schools.

When Jenn moved to the valley a few years ago, despite not having been in touch, or being “besties” in school, it was an instant  comfortable and trustworthy connection. This girl is part of my roots. When she decided to start this kickass magazine CV Collective I was keen to cheerlead and support it in anyway I could, because her passion was contagious. It is no surprise that the magazine, is now a shining product in the Comox Valley. This girl is unstoppable, she has build an amazing community around her, created a store, launched a magazine, and continued to build her photography business. She is always working hard and innovating, that is when she isn’t off on some ski or bike adventure.

It was a true honor to document her next adventure,  along with her sweetheart the equally impressive Kyle (a highlight of the session, Kyle, was getting to know you – thank you!)