27Nov '14

The Arnott crew

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I love surprises. So when Jessica called to book a session with her family and her brother and girlfriend as a surprise for her dad I was completely onboard. What an incredible loving gift!

Dad, however, found out. After suggesting that they all have a family photo, Jessica had to cave. But, I think it was meant to be. I was thrilled to find out that her dad was none other then Russ Arnott, someone I have had the pleasure to cross paths with during the last feverish years, but never really get to know as much as I would like. So, it was an added bonus to have a peek into the life of his beautiful family.

It turned out that Russ spend the night before celebrating his phenomenal win as a new Comox city counsellor (huge congrats) and we dragged him and Yolanda out of bed for this early shoot, but I am pretty sure they thought it was worth it.

I am so glad the sunshine shined down on this wonderful crew of people.

Jessica, Jay, you two and your adorable little ones are so much fun, and how blessed are those kids to have Ben and Ally to love them up. Russ, it left such a smile on my face to get to meet what matters most in your life. Yolanda – see you soon in the coffee shop I hope!