21Jul '10

Going to my happy place – Rideout Family

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Christine and I just spent what seemed like as long time reviewing scheduling, checking in to see where we can accommodate a few more sessions and looking at the (gasp) fall schedule. It was kind of gruelling, it felt parallel to “a painfully long bank line up when you are in a hurry and your child has to go to the washroom time”

It kind of stresses me out. Fall – NO! I need this summer to be extended. Let’s not get back to regular scheduled routines until the end of September. PLEASE.

So, to balance out the anxiety I feel at summer ever ending, I went to editing the Rideout Family.

I have tons of favorites, but this one of them laughing is what I needed this morning.


These three had me in stiches with their witt and humour from the minute I arrived.
Sessions like these make me glow.