27Aug '17

Chelsea and Kris homegrown romantic and hilarious wedding


So, here’s the thing. Chelsea and Kris are adorable. While I had enjoyed Chelsea in her role as a bridesmaid in a past wedding I had photographed, I had no idea about her relationship.However, that changed quickly after her and Kris booked me for their wedding. My clients’ all fill out a small information sheet in which I ask about how they met. Most people write a few sentences, but not Kris and Chelsea. They each went into details about how they met, mainly using the space to talk about how much they adore each other, especially Kris who wrote the most beautiful words about “The most beautiful girl I ever met” and the “the love of my life”

Kris and Chelsea got married at Chelsea’s parents house, which makes a wedding day even more personal. The gorgeous property had been given some extra embellishments for the day by all the friends and family – which also adds to the heart of the day and the memories from the weekend. From the moment I walked in Chelsea was being surrounded by and cared for by her mom, sister, bridesmaids and even nephews. There was always someone close by just him and help with Chelsea and Kris’ little sweetheart baby Charlie.   Chelsea looked stunning in a dress and henna that was a nod to her heritage – truly stunning! I just loved the feel of togetherness throughout the entire day which serves as a meaningful example of the type of people Chelsea and Kris and their family and friends are.

This sense of community continued through the evening as speeches and games (scantily placed balloons anyone?) kept a very festive feel going until we all moved back to the beach for dancing, when Chelsea walked down to the beach in a second dress the tears of joy reappeared.

Kris and Chelsea, your wedding  was magical, Between working together, to adventuring to raising your beautiful daughter, it’s clear you have a wisdom on how to love and care for each others, and it was my absolute honor to capture of celebration of all that beauty and strength.

Hair by the very talented Extreme Ends Hair Salon

My favorite caterer  Tria Culinary Studio