6May '12

Celebrating Darion at the Fair

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A 13 th birthday is nothing to let pass without something special and Darion’s mom knows how to make some magic. As well as organizing a fabulous party for her she took her daughter out for some hair and make-up treatment and then we connected for a photo shoot. What an amazing gift! Of course we had tons of fun and I am so happy that Darion will have these images to look back on. All too often we stop photographing children when they become young adults, which is such an amazing time of change, on all levels.

This photo session is pretty special to me. I first met Darion when my daughter  Selah was one and Darion was four. They attended a wonderful daycare together, and really became part of our extended family. My daughter always looked up to Darion, (even when a five year old Darion gave Selah her first hair cut.) I have had the chance to photograph her through the years and watch her become this interesting,  kind, self-assured person who still laughs like a young child.

It’s hard to believe she is now 13, but easy to see how bright she shines.