18May '12

Carrie and Rob Engaged

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It was such a thrill to capture portraits of Carrie and Rob. I was crushed that I was not available to photograph their upcoming wedding, and this was a wonderful consolation (although now I might be a little more crushed) – because they truly are fabulous. Not only are they both stunning, but you really couldn’t meet two sweeter people.

Together they have such a lovely calm way. I don’t know if she noticed, but Rob couldn’t take his eyes of Carrie the whole time and she just melted into his arms when he snuggled her.

We headed out to photograph in some areas that were special to them, and it was such a lovely session and time that we photographed until just before dark.

Carrie and Rob thank you for your grace, humour (I loved learning more about this side of you,)  and being such sincere interesting people. You must know I am huge fans of yours!