3Dec '09

Cans for Comments – some holiday spirit


Last year at this time we jumped into the grassroots Giving is Awesome initiative, a project where photographers around the globe gave portraits along with generous amounts of portrait product to families who needed a little something special. The nominees were so amazing, and those that nominated them were so passionate fellow North Island Photographers Micheal Albert and Stephanie Peltcher jumped in to help us out so we could give more.
Throughout North America $565,000 worth of portraiture and portrait product that was given.

It was amazing to be part of something with my professional peers that really connected with who I am as a person, and who McKinnon Photography is as a business. We often give because we can.

This year I am delighted to be part of Cans for Comment. This great project was started by Vancouver based, international wedding photographers Chris + Lynn – such a fantastic idea.

All you have to do is a leave a comment on any of my blog posts, past ones, this one, and new ones between now and the 13th and for each comment a can will be donated to the Comox Valley food bank.


How do you leave a comment?
Click the + comment button below the post  – it couldn’t be simpler to get in the holiday spirit.
You can comment with one word, a poem, a holiday thought, a random thought, whatever you like – anything goes!

Over the next seven days I will be loading this blog up with updates, so you have lots of reason to come back. 

You can also pop by the lovely Erin Wallace’s from Campbell River’s blog and leave a comment as well – and even more will go to the foodbank.