7Apr '11

Cancer connections

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“Never lose sight of even the smallest things that bring you joy.”

There is so much I want to write. I feel overcome with swirling thoughts and emotion.

Today is the end of another birthday week. It has been a lovely week. I was definitely intending to blog about it – it was a peaceful week, as desired, full of the many things I love, time with friends, reading, time at the gym, a little rollerderby, many good meals. There were lovely gifts, flowers, sentimental makeup (something only good friends can have between them,) a gorgeous dress from the hubby, a stunning purse, the best hand cream ever.

But, birthday week is about a different type of celebration as well –  It is about seeing ALL the goodness.

Today, I headed to breakfast with some truly wonderful friends, where we laughed and cried a bit as we talked about our friend Jenn, who passed away recently from cancer. Full of warmth, and some sadness, I came back to the office to do some work, because all these meals out, have left me a bit neglectful of my responsibilities.

As I sat here photoshopping I was thinking about about what I was going to blog about birthday week, and not quite feeling it. Then it was placed right in front of me, as often happens.

Moments ago the mail came, in it was a very special package.

In the package was a book, and on the back cover it said:


These are the words that encompass a significant part of who I am, and why every year I slow down and focus extra hard on the details of life during my birthday week. These words and my focus on the details,  help me make sense of our world.

This book has a very special meaning.

About a year ago a photo of mine was selected to be a lead part of a
touring national exhibition on the faces of cancer and now it has become a book. It is a photo of
John driving Maggie to Children’s Hospital for her Leukemia treatment .  

As if there isn’t enough magic in the day today, it so happens that John and Maggie are making this trip today, it’s a different kind of drive today though, as our Maggie is well and strong now. She is probably sitting in oncology right now, and hopefully seeing her well and strong is giving other parents, who are a different place in their journey, hope.  

Seeing this photo in a book full of bravery and hope has left me shaky and in tears and not yet able to put the emotion into words.

You can see some of the photos of the book on their website.

Remember, “Never lose sight of even the smallest things that bring you joy.”

It will always help.

Thank you to the founders and organizers of this book, Andrew Stawiki and James Burns, to the many people who photographed and those that shared their stories. I look forward to digesting it all.