14Jul '11

Can we do a re-do, I need another hit – baristas come back…

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I guess it is the weather, (because we certainly aren’t going to blame the mall-ish friend chinese food I had for lunch,) but I sure feel like I could use a shot of caffeine in the arm. 

Maybe yesterday could do a do-over. 
I started the day at the Wandering Moose Cafe in Cumberland, the place screams with ambiance and warmth, but yesterday it was abuzz with people and coffee grinds as the 30 Day Local Food Challenge Barista Competition was in full swing. 
Later in the day I popped into Beyond the Kitchen Door in downtown Courtenay to say hi to my pal and caterer Dawn McRae of Custom Gourmet. Also as part of the 30 Day Food Challenge she was sampling up some amazing tomato based salsas. The lime tomatillo and curry salsa struck my fancy, and she promised me some of the recipes would be in her next newsletter, you can sigh up by emailing her via her website. 
Thanks to everyone who weighed in over on Facebook about appliance purchases, we were really happy to find what we wanted over at the locally owned McConochies.