7Sep '11

Britt & Darryl – A Merville Wedding

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Years ago, Britt and Darryl met one fateful late evening – truly, their connection was fate. They crossed paths, he was in need of a friend and she was there. The impression was set. However, it wasn’t until years later, and another chance meeting, that they realized they were meant for something special. 

They are a yin and yang couple, he is the calm, she is the vigour. They share the same vision for a life of family, connection and fun. They make a stunning couple together, both of them gorgeous, especially when they look at each other or melt into one another’s arms. 

Last Saturday they sealed that commitment under beautiful sunny skies at the equally vibrant Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens. In true character, Britt was excited, talkative, bubbly and maybe a bit anxious. Darryl broke down moments before Britt walked down the aisle, realizing the long awaited day, and dream was real. 
Surrounded by the closest of friends and a family who knows them so well, they said an emotional “I do”. The reception was hallmarked by speeches filled by sentiment and humor. Britt and Darryl stayed close to each other, laughing and being in the same moment.
This was a long anticipated wedding, and there are many memories from it that will stay with me. Darryl’s face as Britt walked down the aisle, their honest and emotional words to each other during the ceremony, and the strong connection they had with each of the wedding attendants, who truly shared in the celebration of the day. 
Thank you Britt and Darryl, you are an inspiring couple and capturing you on your day was an honour and a complete joy!! This was my last 2011 summer wedding and what a fulfilling way it was for me to end the season.

Thank you to my assistant Andrea Keenan
Ceremony: Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens
Reception: Merville Hall
Catering: Plates Catering & Eatery
Makeup: Ali Crowhurst 250-203-3574
Cake: Rachels Cakes
Dress: Fashion on 4th
Hair: Eden Street Spa