5Jun '18

Brea shines on the beach (grad session)


I have been meaning to share these photos for the last week, but I was in decision paralysis as I just have so many favourites. This happens often. Choosing what images to share is an interesting process to pull apart, there is a rollercoaster of creative self-analysis, both high and low,  combined with looking at the images from the perspective of your client, parent vs. subject, often there is a difference of opinions here, ) and wanting to please them. Then there is the connection to creating the image, and my and my client’s relationship to this moment – that’s another factor to consider.

What I am working on though, is choosing based on gut – what makes me feel?

So when I sat down this morning and thought of Brea, and some of the parts that, in my experience, make her so special – I was able to choose easily.

She is loving and playful, she is interesting, introspective and has a grounding presence. Her eyes are captivating and wise. As you grad Brea, I know you will always learn, and your stunning, engaging eyes, will continue to be a clue to your captivating personality.