26Nov '11

Big or Small? I’ll take small

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I am was a big city gal. Living in a small town never was on my agenda, but a variety of romantic and well thought out decisions brought me to the Comox Valley ten years ago. I list it as one of the proudest choices, for many reasons… including this one…..

I had built a rapport with Melissa over the last year as circumstances resulted in the sessions being rescheduled. When the session became a “go” we decided to make it an extended family session – we figure that is what it was meant to be and that is why her sessions kept getting put off. 
 So it turns out her parents live on a property that I have coveted for , and I have photographed along side it for years ,always wondering about who lived in the beautiful house.  Secondly, my eldest step-daughter just changed schools and now studies along side Melissa’s daughter, yes, a small coincidence, yet the big city girl that is still inside me, gets childishly excited when these things happen. The day after their session, a good friend of mine asked me if I had met this family – well small town coincidence, I of course had just photographed them! 
Okay, maybe this all seems silly to you – but the connections that I get to make with my clients are meaningful to me – it helps me connect to who they are as a family and ads great joy to my work. 
Thank you Blasco and crew.. I am so glad I live in your town.