15Sep '11

Sizing up the Stewart Family

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Christine came along with me on this session, just because …. and our commentary on the Stewart’s went like this:
K: It’s pretty rare to have the man organize the session
C: Yah, and awesome. He is so nice to deal with
K: Yah, he seems great – I am really looking forward to it  – they have been waiting while for this session. 
C: I wonder what she is like?
K: It’s funny not to know.
(Stewart family gets out of the car and we say hello) 
K: (whispers to Christine) Oh my gosh she is stunning, and I totally have hair envy and she seems great. I love them all already.
(great fun relaxed shoot takes place, with lots of visiting and chit-chat about crazy family life. Thankfully, Karen does not trip at any time during the session. Karen and Christine get in car, totally satisfied with a great session.)
K: Wow! They are great family. All three kids are so nice, and that little Elise was a total charmer. The boys were super chilled and adorable. 
C: OK, but what did you think of Jeannie? 
K: She totally intrigues me. She is super funny, you can tell she is whip smart and so down to earth.  
C: I know. They seem so connected as a family, what a great mom!
Yup, big love for this awesome family!