11Apr '17

Beth – she isn’t what you think


This woman is a mystery. Actually, how we met is a mystery. Well, likely Beth knows, she is smart that way, and many other ways.  I have memories of talking at craft fairs, of her leaving an impression. I guess the how and why doesn’t matter, I have her in my life now, that is the meaningful bit.
Beth excites me. She is excited. She won’t say that – I can picture her shaking her head reading this. What I find fascinating about her is her intent. The way she parents, the way she works through her day and as my daughter puts it, “”the way she cares about other people.”

Beth had moved a way for a few years and upon her return I reconnected with her in the most lovely way. I was working at the coffee shop near my studio – Red Tree Coffee and was completely taken aback and moved by a piece of art. I bought it right away as a birthday present to myself. Note: I have NEVER done this. NEVER. I am a purchase over-thinker, not a spontaneous spender.

Yes, you guessed right. That art was Beth’s.

Since then my walls have become home to a few of her pieces, and at times my home has become hers. When I travel she has stepped in to mom-role for my daughter. I couldn’t be more fortunate to be on the same team as this gal. I am loving getting to know her more, to see more of the layers on a woman who doesn’t fit any mold.

Beth, thanks for being in our life. Your talent, your smile, your truth – it rocks our world!

You can see some of Beth’s work over on her Etsy Shop and at Rare bird Bookshop in Cumberland