14Jun '10

Bella – palooza, 13 woman one night

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At the 2010 YANA auction I got lucky. Something really awesome happened.  A bunch of my friends chipped in and bid on me for a Bella Party.

Bella Sessions are our own spin on what is typically known as boudoir. Our sessions can go in any direction depending on what you want – they can be pretty, flirty, outside, inside, sexy, sophisticated.
Bella Parties are when you get a group of girlfriends together and you head to the studio where you each receive professional makeup, courtesy of our favourite gal Crystal from Roots the Salon. You are treated to catering, you relax and have a glass of wine and then the fun begins.  Each person has their time in front of the camera.
Yes, the obvious objective is for everyone to have stunning photos of themselves – because really everyone woman should! However, the Bella Party is about much more than that. It is about the experience, of being with your gals, and having a fabulous unique and memorable night, that leaves you celebrating your fabulousness. It’s something really special for yourself.

Honestly, these parties have even more wow factor than we could have expected when we launched them.
Generally we recommend that the parties include 6 to 8 people. However, on the YANA auction evening, (after a few glasses of wine,) we agreed to 13. And I am so glad. A memorable evening it was.

I got a little emotional at the beginning of the Bella Party. In my studio stood 13 funny, beautiful woman, and I was getting the chance to photograph them and document how pretty and sexy they all are.

Near the end I was having trouble shooting as I was laughing so hard.

Thank you 

Here are three of the 13 Bellapalooza gals.

Jenn, who I get goosebumps when I photograph because she has survived so much, yet just seems to get funnier and softer. 


Arran, who I patiently waited years to get to know, and the wait was sooo worth it


Andi,  a true beauty, whose eyes are always smiling


If you are interested in information on Bella Parties or Sessions, please contact Christine or I at the office.