17Jan '10

Bella Session – all sizzle and giggles

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Last night I had six amazing women in the studio for a Bella Party. The first.

They showed up buzzing, we handed them a glass of wine, directed them towards some appetizers and then one by one they had their turn with our professional makeup artist. Meanwhile, they pulled out clothes, tried on each others outfits, and laughed and shared as only women do.

Then, each woman received a professional photo sessions – the images are flirty, sexy, strong, pretty, and just beautiful.

When they headed out the door at 10 p.m., gift bag in hand, their cheeks just might have been hurting from smiling and laughing, their stride had a little extra confidence in it.

I felt very accomplished and blessed – I’m living the good life, with good people, that’s for sure.

Thank you ladies, for bringing your genuine self, for sharing that lovely evening with me.

HUGE thank you to:
Brambles Market for the amazing food
Roots for contribuing to the gift bag (what a generous gift!)
A huge high five to makeup artist Chrystal from Roots – you are a true artist.
and a big high five to my lovely seven year old Selah for setting up the studio – way to make your mama proud.

If you want more information on Bella Parties give us call.
You can find all the information about individual Bella Session here