29Nov '10

Blogging through a shift


A few things have shifted around here. About a month ago  John started working away, a week home, a week gone. Sounded easy enough and I was totally on board.

The women in my family, myself, my two sisters, and my mom are notoriously independent –  our ideal hubby would live next door  25% of the time (think about it, it could be great for marriages.)
And although I am a happy social bee, I need my time alone. So, having John gone didn’t ruffle my feathers. The silver linings was clear to me as well, when he was home, he would be all ours. With the way John is that means when he is home I am  free to put in some extra hours at work, focus on family time, or drink wine with friends – whatever I need.  Sweet deal.

But, a few things have had to shift. I am finding it a bit harder than usual to make it to the gym, and the house is grungier than usual (John is the housecleaning saint in this family.) Plus, with this weather he hasn’t always made it back from work as planned. That kind of ruffles my feathers.  I miss him and we look forward to his Monday night welcome home (great motivator for getting the kids to clean,) plus I feel disappointed for him, as I knows he craves that moment of coming back to the people that miss him and the couch that is used to his presence. As well, this independent self-employed photographer, home with four kids, gets a bit stressed out when she gets some bonus days of single parenting.

However, considering the change, I would say we have adjusted well. I am happy, I love the romance of him coming home and I appreciate the hard work he is doing when away. I feel fortunate. 

We are incredibly caught up here in the office (thanks Christine and Jen), and I feel I have had some beautiful family time with the kids lately – it’s all in balance – except the blogging…. ahh.. the blogging….

Here is a sweet photo of Marilyn and Bernard, who scooped a session on a beautiful November day. My friend Jen had the nicest thing to say about it ” I sure wish I had a photo of my grandparents like that.” – I certainly agree.

After I took this photo, I walked over to them and Marilyn had tears in her eyes. It was a beautiful moment in their love story.