11May '11

Beautiful Women – Deborah

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I truly wish all women could look at themselves and let the things they love about themselves roll of their tongue. I wish they could see their reflection in the mirror and say, hell ya! “This gal has something going on”. I wish they could look forward to their own photoshoot thinking “wow, it is going to be amazing to document my favorite bits about myself.” Well.. it doesn`t quite happen that way. But things are heading in the right direction. Over the last few years I have had an increasing amount of woman call to book a session – just because. This, makes me very happy.
They are celebrating themselves.
Typically, they are nervous. Fair enough. But I tell you, there is no reason to be shy – I guarantee that after 10 minutes we will be laughing, sharing and the parts of you that you adore will be shining and maybe, just maybe, you will move that one step further away from your inner critique.

When Deborah booked, she told me that she was prepared for it to be worse than being at the dentist, this doesn`t look like a woman who has been sitting under a drill.


After her session Deborah sent me a message about what a great time she had and how special it was  – made my day – okay my week. Thank you Deborah for jumping in and trusting me, I had such a lovely time sharing with you and capturing you – you are a beautiful, brave and inspiring. This photo has so much of you in it.

Happy Wednesday everyone, I have a spring in my step this morning as I am off to teach a private photo session, which is going to make for a fabulous morning.