18Jul '16

Comox Valley beach beauty photos – Tina

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Earlier this year I co-facilitated a program at Studio Inner Pursuit Fitness, with owner Leanne Z.  The program, called Body Shift, focussed on shifting self-perception and mind-set towards  exercising from a place of self-respect, rather then from a place of ” not being enough.” The Body Shift filled up immediately and hLeanne and I were interested to see that many women who registered were “fit” women, such a Tina, who is also an instructor at Inner Pursuit.  This validated our opinion that fitness, ideally,  is also about personal growth, and that all women, regardless of shape, size and activity level, have similar struggles with their inner dialogue.

As part of their 6 week challenge, each participant received a portrait session. The only rule for the session was that it had to be about them!  Tina’s session was created at the beach in the week before her wedding (which was on Saturday – congratulations Tina and Andrew) and it was the perfect opportunity to slip into her wedding dress and celebrate her journey.

Like most Tina was nervous about the session, until we started. She really glowed and seriously, the camera loves this woman!

Wishing you and Andrew the most amazing Italian Honeymoon – he is one lucky guy to have you.