19Jan '10

Are you looking for work


No, we aren`t hiring but one of our wonderful clients and friends are and I thought we would jump in and spread the news.
Podlings on Cliffe Ave is looking for a part-time employee (2-3 days a week, vacation relief and to cover sick days. The person should have retail experience, be reliable and have experience using cloth diapers.
They are accepting resumes at their store at  until 104, 2270 Cliff Ave.

This is one of my favourite local stores, and owners Kristina and Sherry are very passionate about what they do, I have no doubt that it would be a great working environment.

The best matches always seem to happen by word of mouth, so help spread the word.

And because posts are always better with photos, here is lovely Selah hoping in front of the camera while I was testing a lighting set up.