26Aug '10

Are you hooked up? The Bolton’s Are

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This is the first day this summer I have worked 9 to 5, and I am pumped
– nerdy right? I have been putting in the hours this summer, but mostly
on the weekends and evenings.

Today I am heading out the door, lunchbox in hand, with a spring in my step.

But first..  the Bolton’s!

The Bolton’s booked their session to coincide with their oldest heading off to university. We do many sessions marking this time in the life of a family and it is an ideal time to have images created.

The Bolton’s are totally hooked up. Mom and Dad are stunning, laid back and lovely people. I am pretty sure their kids never fight with them, always do what they say , and prefer to be with their ultra-hip and wise parents their friends. Right?

Thank you Bolton’s for coming out in what was questionable weather and for reminding me of why I love my job.