3Oct '12

Announcing the Fall Boudoir Marathon-is it your time?

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Here are a few unsolicited words from last year’s participants –

” I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, you made me feel so comfortable and at ease. The perfect amount of sass, glam and laughs on a Saturday morning. Every woman should do this at least once in their life!” –  R.C.
“I love how I feel about myself when I look at my pictures, I want every woman to feel that way. Thank you! “K.R.

“It was such a liberating and, not to mention amazingly fun, experience –   Kudos to all of you for putting it all together, I’ll never forget today.”  C.M.

“The smirk has carried over to today! Absolutely wonderful experience. You all put me at ease and it was a pretty darn relaxing, special experience. I felt like an adored and celebrated model in some kind of fantasy (and that happiness and feeling of power has spilled over into real life) Thank you.” P.M.

“Liberating!!!  Karen made me feel so comfortable.  Like catching up with friend I haven’t seen in a while.  I think every woman should experience a McKinnon Photography boudoir session.    Thanks again lovely ladies.  Love! Love!” R.S.

“I have been struggling to find the words to express my appreciation to you. I have written and deleted several facebook posts and emails because my words just cannot do my feelings justice.Thank you <3 Thank you <3 Thank you for giving of yourself to create such a memorable experience in an incredibly safe, trusting environment. I cannot wait to see your creations and it brings tears to my eyes to think about the other women sharing this experience as they too experience their beauty unveiled. *Lump in throat*Eyes welled up* Karen, you are a gift.” – M.J.

“I need to let you know my husband’s reaction to the photos 🙂 🙂 He is the kind of guy who gives very little reaction with emotions.  I will really cherish his reaction to this gift! When I gave him the book, he totally lit up. He had this huge smile on his face and he just kept saying “oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”. He was blown away. He always tells me I’m beautiful and these images are such the perfect gift. He was holding the book like it was precious and breakable- it will be treasured 🙂 I have shown a few of my close girlfriends too, they were so blown away at how you captured me in the photos and how beautiful and classy they are.   Thank you  for this unbelievable experience! I do think I will need to do it again one day 🙂 Thank you for helping me feel so powerful and beautiful. ” – TK