25Oct '10

and we’re off, starting the week with some family love

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I know I recently wrote that I would be blogging like a mad-woman, I should have said, I will be blogging like a mad-woman mostly.
Unless, I am out photographing like a mad-woman.

Last week was fun, like weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. fun. It was just an interesting combination of different styles of shoots and some inspiring meetings for some plans we have in the work for next year.

So, this week, I will blog, and each day it will be on my to-do list and most likely, I will mostly follow my to-do list.

Last weekend I met with Tanya and Oliver and their gorgeous children, Isaac, Jacob,Taylor and Alexis. It was love at first sight.

Tanya is a home schooling, raw eating mama and I want to be her for a few weeks. Together, her and Oliver have such a calm presence, despite having this adorable busy crew. I can’t believe how absolutely lovely and well behaved the children were,if it wasn’t for their sweetness and giggles I would be quite sure they weren’t real.

Thanks you Tanya, Oliver, Isaac, Jacob and especially my helpers Taylor and Alexis for a lovely morning.