21Jan '11

and.. it’s friday (with Erroll and Alexis)

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Not a very creative blog post title is it?

But for many of you the message is a good one. I heard people all day talking about how glad they are that it is friday, it must be because ya’ll have fabulous weekend plans. Not because your week was a tough one.

I continue to have a fabulous days lately and a huge part of that is the goodness that keeps showing up in front of my camera.

Illustration #1:Errol

I had the massively satisfying pleasure of photographing Errol’s parents wedding a few years back. They, are totally adorable, grounded and kind-of braniac’s! So Errol has the super cute thing going on, (hello eyes!) and I know for a fact his genes + his name is going to result in him being either an author or an inventor of something very important …. .but no pressure Errol.


Illustration #2: Alexis

This little cutie came in and was all about playing and flirting with the camera. It really was one of those session that was just like hanging with some new friends. Parents, Scott and Alisa were so relaxed, which always really helps me do my job and Alexis followed suits. We ended up photographing tons of variety. I have many faves, and just to tease mom and dad, I have held back my absolute fave for when they come in for their viewing.

Isn’t she adorable?