2Nov '10

I have award worthy clients!


ay for families! I am so enjoying the families I am photographing this fall and I have had many people in front of my camera that have been planning on it for years.

I had the pleasure of first photographing Tina, ummm… I think about five years ago, when she needed a professional head shot. Her life here has morphed and changed and many of you will recognize her as the owner of Seeds Natural Market in Cumberland.

It’s one of my favorite little shops to pop into and pick up some groceries, a big part of that is to visit with her fabulous employee Melissa (hey Melissa, of course I was going to give you a shout out!)

Sit tight reader, I am really going somewhere with this story.

Tina was recently recognized with BC Small Business and is up for an award for Best Employer. If you ask Tina I bet she’ll say it’s because she has the best employees. So if you want to make an awesome move this Tuesday, click HERE, it takes just a wee sec to give her your vote.

So, Tina is a fabulous entrepreneur but there is more to her – she also has a beautiful and fun loving family, who are really good at not complaining when it is cold.

Meet Tina, Jim, Mace and Maya – this is the kind of family that you can tell right off the bat has their priorities straight, and has tons of fun together. Maya, Mace, just so you know, I adored photographing you two!

Mace, you make me smile

Let me just add, that the minute I hopped in the car when we were done, it poured, hard.