19May '16

Too much Amy?

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Certainly not.

I try to keep portrait blog posts to just a few images, but I just couldn’t decide on which to share, I just loved photographing Amy so much  – so here you are…. meet the beautiful Amy.

Amy Englemark is a coach who, among other areas, works with all types of people seeking balance between work and personal time without sacrificing productivity. You can pop over to her website to see all the raving testimonials from her coaching work.

Over the last few years Amy has also become a sought-after speaker, and I can see why – she successfully combines her knowledge and her passion, and delivers it in a meaningful and easy-to-digest manner.

Creating images with Amy was, truthfully, easy. Beyond her beautiful eyes, she also has such a peaceful and joyful presence, that of someone comfortable in their own skin, living the life they were meant to.

Thank you for sharing yourself, and this beautiful evening with me, Amy.


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