18Sep '10

all together now…with a little rain

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I have so much to blog, so many great families and sessions I love.
So, in the effort to not have people waiting until next Halloween for their sneak peek, I am doing a group post. The thought of falling behind in any work makes me loose sleep, which ultimately will force me to fall behind.

This last week, me and the weather have been on the same team. This is the time of year where rescheduling is not unexpected, so it is treat to be able to tell you there hasn’t been one, not one, session rescheduled due to weather. Yee haw!!!

There have been some close calls but mostly it has been beautiful overcast skies.

The day started out a little wet for the Emily and Aiden, but it didn’t make one bit of difference.
I love that their family were envisioning photos of them independently, two very different personalities here, but both such beautiful kids with classic good looks.



The next day it was off to meet the Tierney Family at the beach. Now, the beach isn’t always my first choice for a location, however when you get a day like we did it’s wonderful. Just as we were finishing up the rain started to come.


I am having a love affair with this field right now, it is so peacefull and full of texture. Don’t the Tierney’s look good in it?