19Jan '15

An afternoon with Arietty and Theo

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It was with tears of joy that I received news that  Keltie and Phil were expecting, and not just one, but two. Since we first met,  Keltie and Phil have been in front of my camera four times, and over the years I have blessed to call them not just clients but friends.  They are those type of people that you can’t be anything but yourself with – you can bring all your crazy, all your vulnerability right in the door with you, and anything otherwise wouldn’t feel right, as they deserve all of you.

They are wonderful people, the type you can’t pigeon hole. They are social, but shy, directional but willing to sway, creative and linear, creatures of comfort but willing to take risks and warm.. always warm. Every time I am with them I learn more about who they are, and I don’t think that would ever end, as they have so many interests, talents and way of approaching life… (gush).

So these two little blessings, Arietty and Theo, who are joining Keltie , Phil, and the army of loving family and friends they come with.. oh. .and the pups Banff and Jasper, just add to the big bucket of beautiful that is this family. I wanted to give them a gift that would grow in value over time, and so came and spent an afternoon documenting some time with them and their family. The little details, like the items on the wall in the background, the clothing style of their family, I imagine Arietty and Theo looking at these when they are poised to head off to university or have children themselves, and noticing all the details, talking about the stories,  while filling up on the feeling of how loved they are.

Here are a few of my faves.

xoxox – welcome little beauties – <3 – KM






As part of the day we went out to the coffee shop, an I am just in love with this image of Theo and his grandpa –