12Nov '10

About the Timms, long post ahead


Connection. That’s what it is all about for me. That’s my reward.

Yes, I take extreme satisfaction in knowing that the photos I create stay with family for years – and grow in value.  That’s rewarding.

I feel blessed to be able to put food on the table for my family by doing something I love. I am pleased that I can role model, hard work, and passion to my children. That’s rewarding.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s our motto around here. How wonderful to be able to live that in my career. That’s rewarding.

The surprise though, what I didn’t realize when I started my photographic path? 
The connection I would be able to make with the people I photograph would be such a huge reward that keeps giving back to me.


I adore Livia and Ryan and their parents, Joanne and Kyle.

8 years ago, I photographed Livia and Ryan’s parents wedding and we have been in each other’s lives since then.  They were the first to know when I got pregnant, as my due date was close to their wedding. I was nervous when I called to tell them, and they responded with nothing short of total support and a good dose of humour.
Since then I have had the pleasure of documenting their lives. They have been a huge support to my business, which is something I never take for granted.

As well, Joanne is really part of the team here. She often assists me on weddings and jumps in around the office during the busy season.
She is one of those people that I could call and tell her to meet me on the corner with her car keys and $500 and not ask questions, and she probably would (you wouldn’t mind would you Kyle?)

The other funny thing about Joanne, is we play two degrees of sepeartion from the Timms. We have found that most of my clients are just two steps away from them – even the ones from Alberta. If you are reading this you probably know them, or someone who does.

Thanks Timms family, for being part of my reward, for always being honest and for making me laugh.



This one cracks me up: