28Mar '11

About the birthday box

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Three years ago Vanessa and I started mailing each other birthday boxes, they contained seven gifts, one for each day of birthday week. We look forward to our boxes, they keep us connected, and well, who am I kidding, we like the gifts. There are a few guidelines to our box.  You must not spend more than $150 and the receiver must open one each consecutive day of birthday week, no cheating allowed, just ask Vanessa, she has tried before.

I have been an advocate for birthday week since I became a mom. Please be strongly advised, birthday week is not for children.

Birthday week rules:
– you can choose when it starts, as long as it covers your birthDAY
– you get to decide what is for dinner every night in your house
– you buy a book based solely on it’s cover art
– and you do something special each day. Special can be a dinner out, some spa-ing, a little shopping, a guilty pleasure movie, a treat, a long phone chat with an out of town friend, coffees with friends, or some alone time… you get the idea right?
 Birthday week is not about putting the pressure on anyone else, not your kids, and not your spouse (although they should really step-up just that extra bit as to not rain on your birthday week parade.) Birthday week is about taking a little extra time each day to treat yourself well and enjoy some of your favorite things.

Since Vanessa was in town, we decided to do our birthday box in, “real-time”. Off we went shopping in Victoria. Funny thing was, nothing caught our eye. So we went where we knew our inner consumer could easily be excited – the bookstore.

Sitting on my night-stand now is:

The Barbecue Bible, apparently this is a must have, and I am just late to this party
Exit The Actress by Priya Parmar
The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton 
One Day by David Nicholls
I also filled my bag with an Umbra Cookbook Holder and a yummy candle.

Here is another image of Vanessa in our hotel lobby.