Meet Karen & Christine

Writing about yourself is tough, and I suppose I could hire someone to do it for me, but then you wouldn’t be getting the full me, and giving you ‘all of me’ is really my style.  What do I really want you to know?

That I am a really nice person and I try hard.

But convention says I should tell you more:

I am incredibly passionate about photography, however my first love is people. Genuine connections and great experiences are what fuel me. I have won numerous awards for my photography and service, however, it is that unsolicited testimonial or appreciative word after a job well done, that makes me most proud of McKinnon Photography. I started my career as a photojournalist and am experienced in many areas of photography; this variety is something that continues to provide value to my clients – yes, I am convinced that photographing waterfalls and croissants will make me a better wedding photographer.

My life, when not behind the camera, is full of adventure, learning and friendship. I travel as often as possible, and learning new things doesn’t scare me – I was able to check off roller derby and hip-hop in the last few years and am currently taking a psychology course at College. I am blessed with an eclectic group of incredible friends and family – who right alongside me are loving the life we have. My heart rests mostly with my daughter, who schools me regularly with her bravery and has the best sense of humour of anyone I know.

If I was to do one of those embarrassing things on facebook where you ask for one word to describe you, this is what I think you would get: dedicated, silly, comfortable, resilient (that would be from my mom), generous, caring, creative, dependable and nice. Nice is really important to me. I have worked hard to be all those things. While I am still trying to figure life out, I know one thing for sure: these things, they matter most to me.


The term ‘Office Manager’ doesn’t adequately describe Christine – she keeps everything organized, helps clients choose their favourite images and is a maven printer, (yes, we print and frame all our own photos around here). Most important, though, is her kindness, care and that infectious laugh. Christine and Steve hired me as their wedding photographer in 2007, and a year after their daughter Anaia was born, she became my ‘work-wife’. I have happily had her working alongside me for seven years.

When not at work, she is hanging with her family, running the streets of the Comox Valley, going to yoga, or singing at the top of lungs while baking up a storm with her daughter.

Truly, she is a huge part of what happens at McKinnon Photography and her customer care is constantly raved about.