2Mar '11

A week of sentiment, why stop now? Welcome Hunter



About four years ago I met Hunter’s family.
I pulled up to their photo shoot and there stood Chrystal, glowing, with her stunning family, with a huge bouquet of flowers for me – just because.
That is just the kind of family Hunter has been given.
The waited for  this little man to come along and complete for their family for some time.
A few months back Chrystal called me and told me that she had this very special couch, yes, the one in the above photo. It belonged to her grandparents’ but due to space, it was time for her to find it a new home. She knew it needed a special home, and that she would want her new addition to be photographed on it.
We used it for a series of photos, but I love this one, where you can tell what a tiny thing he is.
Chrystal, you know, we are loving having this item with so much history in the studio, and we are using it lovely to create photos that other families will enjoy for many generations. Thank you.

Hunter, you are the first child ever to not cry, pee, or poop during your newborn session. You are a handsome, little dream. Hopefully, you are not saving up all the challenges for your teenage years.

Izzy, Brody, Chrysal, Kolyn and Hunter, you are a very special family and I am so thankful to play a little role in your world.