27Jul '11

A mood changer – Katrina and Rob maternity

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If you know me you know I wear Rainbow colored glasses almost all the time, and rarely will you hear me say I have had a bad day – I don’t growl often, and can always find the good, (trust me, sounds nice, but can annoy the heck out of my family sometimes.) 

So when I feel a little attitude coming on I kind of embrace it. It’s rare and usually only lasts a few days, and to be honest, I mostly suck at it. I had a really bad sales experience in a store the other day, and purposely was trying to express my feelings of wanting to get the heck out of there, through tone and body language, and apparently it went right over everyones head. I tried telling John I was going to “loose my shi**” but he didn’t even react – appreantly his way of calling my bluff.  I guess that’s the first time and last time I will throw that out there. Here I was thinking I was being so tough! 
So the last few days of head banging frustrations with shopping, appliances, and a bit too much going on, a children’s health challenge, and the resurgence of my skin reactions, have left me with little F-You (this is the closest I have ever come to swearing on the blog….. hee heee.) But I am done now. Being mediorically agro for two days is tiring and hard to sustain. 
After a beautiful session on a boat last night with a loving couple, it started to seep away and now after editing this session, those rainbow glasses are back on where they belong.
Katrina and Rob are one of my favourite wedding clients. When they got married it was a day full of romance and drama. However, they are so down to earth – anyone could find something to talk to them about. After their wedding, they spent some years adventuring and now have come back to Comox to start their family. 
Katrina is an absolutely stunning woman……, with a very handsome hubby.
This is just a tip of the iceberg of the photos I love of you two – can’t wait for you to see them and to meet your little peanut!