1Jun '11

eeek.. a tuesday in November, does this = freedom?

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Like many entrepreneurs, one of the appeals for me of being self employed is freedom. However, something fishy has been going on around here. We are booking way in advance, I just scheduled a tuesday in November!! Eeek! Of course, for weddings I am acclimatized to this, but weekdays in November, what if I want to take that day off? 
I had a little mini panic attack. My freedom was flying out the door.
Then, I sat back and re-framed. That’s all it usually takes. I realized I am booking in November (said in a positive tone,) What a fabulous feeling. I never take it for granted that the universe (and you) allow me to make my living in this beautiful way, and how wonderful to be in a position where you are willing to wait for me to be available. 
So, like I said, I am reframing. I am realizing that knowing my schedule in November can actually mean freedom. Freedom from worry about if I will have work, freedom to take the Monday off before, freedom to start envisioning the creative aspects of the upcoming sessionw. 
So thank you. 
I should add, that although yes, I did book November, we currently a couple few fall sessions, and we always leave a little room for maternity and newborns. I also will be teaching a photo course in the fall, and have a few other fun projects up my sleeve.
In the last week, we participated in the Babies, Bellies & Birth Fair. It was a lovely event, and than you to the organizers and everyone that came by. Christine and I always have a blast (and eat lots of sugar,) at the events. 
Last night I spoke to the Professional Photographers of Canada – Vancouver Island Region about Children’s Portraiture. We popped down to the beach to photograph our lovely models, Katie and Elsa, whose fabulous mom drove down to Nanaimo for us. Thank you and thank you to those that came out and shared along with me.