3May '11

Long weekends are for family

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I love  a long weekend, for me, and many other photographers it is about family – but not ours. It’s a time when we are being the camera photographing families who have come together.

The Brodie’s were actually one of my first clients in the valley, I photographed them when son Chris was still in high-school. Now, he and his girlfriend are off travelling and teaching. I remembered him well as a poised, intelligent and charming individual. It was so wonderful to see him, still carrying the strong traits and to see is strong bond with his parents, and now is fabulous girlfriend. 


The Calder family, also had a son visiting. I had a fabulous time with this crew. As it turns out Dianne and Rob actually live around the corner from us, so I had to do some explaining about the random dogs we seem to have in our yard – (we dog sit often) and the squeeling they sometimes here (kids on the trampoline.) I first met Rob when I took squash lessons at Comox Recreation – he really is the bees knees – can’t recommend them enough.
I love a job where I get to literally meet my neighbours – and good ones they are!