4Aug '11

Brendan+Lauren’s harbour engagement session

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A few years ago I began limiting the amount of wedding commissions I take, it was a tough decision, business wise and personally, as I love photographing weddins. However, my vision has always been to truly be able to form a connection with wedding clients – like I always tell them, “I will be at your wedding, and chances are I will be spending considerable time with you.” 

The rewards for my decision have been sweet. I feel like I truly get a sense of each couple I photograph, I think they also get to know me, which helps them feel comfortable on the day and makes the experience that much greater. A big part of getting to know couples is the engagement session, if clients live here, if they are able to visit or I am able to go to them, I srongly encourage these sessions. They are a fabulous way to get used to being in front of the camera, they are relaxed and show off a part of your life that you might not be able to capture on your day. 
For Lauren and Brendan’s session we headed out on the water and created some truly remarkable romantic images. They were fabulous as we hollered directions from a nearby boat. These two are stunning and adorable together, and I am so looking forward to their 2012 summer wedding. 
Thank you Lauren and Brandan, for the super fun, lovely evening – I loved having the chance to get to know you both better and can’t wait for your wedding! 
Tough to to decide what to blog on this one….
But I love the intimacy here:
and the relaxed nature here:
and the moody feel here: