18Mar '11

Requesting a photograph, or to be in one, is an act of love


Janine organized to have her grandchildren photographed, along with her children, herself and her mom. It was an act of love.

So of course I was going to write about the photographs my grandparents organized to have with me, my siblings and cousins, and the poofy (goofy?) dress that made me feel so special. But instead I will leave you with this – which my friend, photo assistant, and photographer in Powell River reminded me of:

“Requesting a photograph, or to be in one, is an act of love.”

Jennifer Dodd wrote a beutiful blog post about this, and you can and should read it HERE.

The two cousins, Maci and Jordyn, what great friends they will be.


Maci steals the spotlight and then cuddles in with the four generations – seriously beautiful eye genes – stunning women!  I get sentimental when I think about what this photo will mean to Maci when she is older.