21Jan '12

A family full of magic – the Clarks

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It could have been the beautiful art on the wall, the warm, welcoming and cleanly designed house, but chances are it was what happened when they opened the door. When I went to check out their home in preparation for shooting I was greeted by the warmest smile. Mom Lauren radiates warmth and cuteness, then behind peeks out Sophie who with a smile equal to her mom’s led me around for a tour. In the background was Charlotte who watched us carefully giving me the occasional smirk. 

When I came back the next day for the session hubby Aaron, also charmed me right away with his easy kind demeanor and the attention he paid to his gals. 
The Clarks opted for what I call a “lifestyle” session, one that isn’t about looking “just so” but has a more casual feel. I love the chance to document a family relating, and we did just that, the family together, the girls together, the gals individually and even some of just mom and dad. 
It really was the type of session that the kids will look back at years from now and be able to get a sense of how much in love with them their parents are. Thank you Clarks for sharing with me. 
Here are a few of my fave of all four of you. 
There is buckets of love  –