4Mar '11

A certain red-head

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Honestly, I had the intention of blogging this session right away.
But. Then I thought about what I would write and I got blocked. This certain red-head, Meg and her partner, Bobby are not a couple you can sum up in a sentence. What i can tell you is that they are part of the heart of this community. They have huge heart, creativity and knowing them and having them in my corner,  adds value to my life and makes me smile.
I am not alone, when I say  I am so excited to meet this little babe, and to see Meg and Bobby, who have many roles in this community, in their role as parents.
Meg has glowed through her prenancy, and I can perfectly envision her and Bobby walking their beat around Cumberland, with this bundle.
It’s going to be one cool kid.

Sending them big hugs and love.

The beautiful, wild, red-head