3Jun '13

A night in China

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On my last night of China with Extravagant Yak Travel Company we went to the Sichuan Opera.

When I teach at the tour next year this will be the activity for the second night. It is in this sweet little area, quant, next to a stunning park. On my trip we headed to the park first to photograph the Hamp Family, then sauntered into a beautiful restaurant where I had one of my favourite discoveries, pumpkin patties.

Then, with the sun setting, myself and my date for the night, Abu, strolled into a different world. Beautiful light, an excited vibe and warm hospitality. After relaxing with some of the tea and treats they serve, and taking in the colourful enviroment I went off to photograph the performers getting ready. This is something open to the whole audience, so equally entertaining to watching the methodical preparation of the performers was witnessing how much fun all the tourists were having photographing, while the performers went forward as if they weren’t there.

The opera itself isn’t an “opera” as we North Americans know them to be. It is a highly skilled variety shows, with puppetry, dancing, magic, singing, music, musicians and skits, that despite not being able to understand what they were saying, I found it completely entertaining.