5Jan '14

A love story finally sealed, Emili and Erika say I do

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Erika and Emili met while doing their undergrad in Pennsylvania and after years in school together, it was a close friendship, and nothing more until, as Erika says ” I went to the nearby Renaissance Faire, and saw Emili striding across the park in her pirate garb full of corsety goodness and suddenly I had a major paradigm shift.” The two celebrated their union with a hand-fasting in 2004, and become domestically partnered in their then home of Oregon in 2004, now that they live here in the Comox Valley, a place that allows  same sex marriage they took the final step.

The wedding began on the Friday evening with a beautiful ceremony officiated by the lovely Maggie at the Comox United Church, followed by a tea reception. In the morning, Emili, Erika and guests dawned their glorious outfits for a beautiful Mad-Hatter Tea Party themed breakfast at the Kingfisher Resort and Spa, while a storm brewed outside.

The creation of this wedding was a labor of love for Emili and Erika. Each piece was thought out, and impressively mostly hand crafted. The stunning clothing was hand made by Emili, each little bit, down to the boot covers, corsets and accoutrements on the hats. The decorations and paper flowers were also their own creations.  It was incredible!  Working with these two gave me a feeling of creative collaboration, and it was such a joy to be able to absorb their passion and incredible vision.

Thank you Emili and Erika, I am so glad I know you both. xoxox. Karen

Other than the locations (Comox United Church of Canada and the Kingfisher), the only other people that we used were Hairpins (Megan and Chloe) for hair/makeup, LemonTree for nails, and Coastal Cake Company for the cake/cupcakes. Everything else was made my myself or Erika. I will create stuff by commission,  but I don’t have anything set up officially just yet. If you have any other questions or need any other info, let us know.

Ceremony Location: Comox United Church of Canada

Reception Location: Kingfisher Resort and Spa

Hair and Makeup:  Megan at Hairpins for hair and Chloe at Hairpins for makeup. 

Nails: Lemon Tree Salon

Cake: Coastal Cake Company

All clothing: Emili Danner (available by commission, please contact me for information on reaching her)

Flowers: Erika Raines and Emili Danner

Thank you to my assitants Dave Prothero (Friday)  and Jesse Savage (Saturday)




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