10Jul '17

50 years strong – Comox Valley Family Portraits


When I get the chance to capture a momentous anniversary I get the same butterflies as I do about a wedding – maybe more. It is not just a celebration of love, it is one of resilience, commitment and strength. Hertha and Harry brought their family together from the island and Alberta to mark their 50th  anniversary with a week at the beach. They are incredibly involved grandparents, so this was a natural way for them to celebrate and I was so happy to be there to capture some moments and create portraits.

Everyone in this family is mind-blowingly successful, kind and committed to their family. I could see the joy and pride in Hertha and Harry’s faces as they surveyed the great wealth of love they have raised and been gifted.

Hertha shared something really special with me when I asked her why she fell in love with Harry? A child of parents who had a refugee-type experience, Hertha said she wanted to choose a husband that she knew she could count on and work with if life got really hard. That is such meaningful insight to me, a romantic, it’s an important reminder that relationships are truly about partnership and trust. Thank you Hertha.

After I got home from our session I received an email from one of this crew where she  thanked me for making them all so comfortable and that her daughter said, “Karen was so nice and silly too.” – best testimonial EVER!!
These images, for me, are for the grandchildren years from now – to be transported back to love and strength of  that surrounded them during their childhood years.