30Mar '11

32 Women – Beautiful you

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I appreciate you. I appreciate that you allow me to live this life with my camera. As this year is my tenth anniversary, each month, until October, (the first ten months of the year,) there is a little celebration which is listed on the blog and our facebook page. First we had something for Bella Sessions, then children, and then March – which was my favorite.

For a donation to Comox Valley Hospice clients received a mini-shoot, including their best shot. It was first come first serve, for past clients, it filled up in 8 minutes.
Each month has a party favor sponsor, we have had Roots the Salon, Podlings and March was Bodynetix, who gave each participant a free Hot Yoga Class.  Thank you.

Last Saturday we photographed 32 amazing women. Some I have been photographing for 10 years, through weddings, births, career changes, and growing families. I had moments during this shoot, where I was taken aback. These women are shining. They are truly living – and they seem more beautiful then ever.

I felt humbled to be recording it.

This day was full of sentiment for another reason. I developed this idea last year. I wanted to photograph women, as typically we can be so critical of ourselves, and if we have a hubby and/or kids, we are often not in the photos that are taken, as we are taking them.

When Jenn became ill last year, right away, we knew we had to shoot and we did, with her husband, her son, and her siblings.  I met Jenn when she hired me to photograph her wedding. Ironically, she is one of the clients and friends I have that have commissioned photos the most. It was who she was, someone who documented and celebrated, she put high priority on women loving and accepting themselves. So, as I was shooting on Saturday, I couldn’t help think about how she was probably high-fiving you.

Thank you all for the blessing that you are in my life.

You are beautiful.

(and thank you for helping us raise $550 dollars for Comox Valley Hospice, a very important charity in our community.)

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