6Jun '13

Melissa and Will Tying-The-Knot


I’ll say it.

“I LOVE these photos.”

Because I love these two.   I don’t know Will that well, yet, but Melissa and I have intertwined since we met at her brother wedding many years ago. Since then, we have had some great laughs, and shed some tears together, we also have the pleasure of sharing many beautiful friends. Through all of this, she has shown grace, strength, vulnerably and kindness. She is s special person, a wonderful mom, a hard working- brilliant student, and a successful athlete.

So what type of man steals her heart? Obviously a handsome one (evidence below), who is equally brilliant, and as I am learning, has a great sense of humor and a ability to roll with the punches. He also happens to be a spectacular dad and a enthusiastic cheerleader for his wife to be.

This wedding is going to be an emotional one, as I know so many peoples hearts will authentically celebrate their happiness.  I am counting down the days until mid-july  when I get to have them in front of my camera while witnessing their marriage.

And… Happy Birthday Melissa!