16Dec '11

Day 12, With gratitude and passion

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I am thankful. Everyday. I live a life of abundance, something many of us are aware of this time of year. This year though, I am thinking about you. You all play with me. You choose me to photograph what you love. You comment on my facebook page, you smile and say hello , your emails lift me up on down days. You are the web that allows me to grow, create, stretch and have meaning in my work. 
As I wrap up  Celebrating Ten years of photographing in what I am sure is one of the kindest communities in Canada (just try telling me otherwise,)  I can tell you that if the next ten bring me the interactions, the lessons and the laughter this one has I will double over with joy. With it will undoubtedly be the continued challenges, road-blocks, questions and self-doubt the last ten years has see me face and for that I will continue to be a better and wiser person.  I will continue to make decisions based on meaning and fun, and promise to always carry heart with my camera.
This town, this community, I love you. 
A significant part of what gives my work meaning is collaborating and supporting charity work.  It humbles me, it teaches me, it fills me up and hopefully passes some of that on. For the last ten years I have had the chance to work with numerous organizations as well as quietly give to individuals who needed a little something special.
Your support of my business has allowed me to make meaningful contribution to our community and live a life full of passion, while roll modelling for my children that both are possible.. The special events I have held monthly this year and the 12 Days of Christmas is just a small way for me to say thank you. 
Introducing Day 12, where my heart lies:


– Work must be able to begin in 2011
– Charity must be interested and open to discussing ideas on how photography and visual storytelling can support their cause
– It is recommended that the charity be aware that you are nominating them
– It does not need to be a registered charity, although it needs to be a not for profit organization
– Only the chosen charity will be contacted. 

You are welcome to just email me at info@mckinnonphotography.com however you may also fill out this form – it’s nothing too formal, but it would be helpful.